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Rain Man

Shot through a window during a rainstorm while the figure
with the raised arms is directing in an airplane.

Harbor Blues

White steps being painted blue with blue ocean in the background.


4 Oil Tanks + Catwalks

4 gray oil storage tanks shot with Tri-X black & white film against a gray sky with a high contrast red filter and then underdeveloped to drop out the middle gray tones.

Thistles 2X

In-camera double exposure at f-2.8 and f-32

Rainy Day Flower Pots

Shot with a 300 mm lens through a window during a rainstorm.

Red Tide Rising

Red rowboat in marsh grass with blue sky reflected in the water as the tide comes in.

Treefinity 3X

In-camera triple exposure with a 300 mm lens focusing
a little farther into the trees during each shot.

Newport, RI Fog Fleet

Dine 'n Fly

Shot in a diner next to an airport.

Paint Chips

Vertigo, Italy

Mural on the side of an Italian sausage cart at the local state fair.
The umbrella is real and from their al fresco sit-down dining area.

Rowboat – Detail

Boston Fire Escape

Black and white photo of noonday sun on 19th century fire escape.

Contour Farming

Santa Fe Sled

Down at the Hardware Store

KISS the Ducks

Wipe Your Feet

My wife's real red tennis shoes on a doormat with a design
of painted red tennis shoes and fake mud tracks.

The Road Not Taken


Trees in bloom behind trees that are still bare. Shot during a windstorm
when all the trees were violently blowing and moving.

The Mother Space Ship

Motor for an irrigation system suspended in a holding tank for water. Shot in heavy fog.

The Mosquito Rookery

Boston Looking Up

Big Pink

Antoine's Annex, New Orleans

Atomic Grill

Faux Desert Sunrise

Yellow awning against an adobe building, Santa Fe.

Infrared Trees, Number 4

Winter Idyll, Number 1

Golden West Coffee Gal

Rural Maine


Knothole, Number 1

Color photograph of a knothole in a white picket fence with snow in the background.

Rorschach Horse

Knothole, Number 2

Color photograph of a white picket fence with snow in the
background and teeth from a large wood saw.

Summer Idyll, New England

The Shadow

Golden Aspen 3X

In-camera triple exposure of fall foliage.

Night Drops

Night shot of a newly painted front porch column illuminated by the front porch light during a rainstorm. The left black stripe is the dark night beyond the porch light; the middle white stripe is the white porch column lit directly by the porch light; the right black stripe with white dots is the side of the porch column away from the porch light with just the raindrops picking up the reflection of the light.

Sky Falls

Fog Idyll

The Old Church

Winter Idyll, Number 2

Treefinity 010

Shot while a patch of fog was passing through a grove of trees.

Italian Arches
Ceiling Shadows #1

Italian Arches
Ceiling Shadows #2

Italian Arches Ceiling Shadows #3

Italy Shadow

Happy Holidays #7

Cosmic Christmas Juxtaposition at the Flea Market

Stucco Walkway with Floor

Stucco Walkway with Sky

Ferris Wheel 2

Stucco Walkway with Arch

Crater Lake

Drinking Fountains

Church Casino

At the Beach

At the Beach with Dry Brush Filter

"Are you looking at me?"

Equine Lines


Grass reflections on an old Hudson bumper at a local car show.

Lighthouse Reflections

Portland Headlight, Portland, Maine: Image of the real Portland Headlight lighthouse reflected in the window of the adjacent gift shop building with the back of a cutout souvenir plaque of the same lighthouse showing through the window of the gift shop.  The camera was also held low and tilted back to create a slight vertical distortion to the window frame to simulate and complement the same converging pyramiding lines of the lighthouse.

"I better remember this in case my horse doesn't."

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse #2

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse #1

Holiday Vista Through A Rainy Windshield

Autumn Reds

Halloween #5

Self Portrait #4

Stardust Diner

Trees California Coast

Train Signal

Trailer Stonehenge

Tibetan Monastery

With Snow on the Roof and a snowdrift in the foreground with footprints in the snow.

Swamp, Louisiana

Ferris Wheel 1

Train Passage

Train Passage with Dry Brush Filter

Ferris Wheel 3

Wire Fence

Weeping Angel

Enchanted Stairway

Birch Swirl

Open Barn Doors

The Tree BW

The Other Tree

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